Thursday, December 28, 2006

It's almost 2007

Okay I have not posted to my blog for most of the year 2006 and from time to time I really regret it. I am not going to bother writing all the excuses for why I haven't put any effort into it because it just boils down to the fact that I just haven't been inspired enough to put in any effort. I am hoping to do a better job in 07 (put I'm not making any promises) because I have had an itch for something creative. I don't know how many people get this type of urges or how they might act them out, but I have wanted to get my creative juices flowing and paint or draw a picture something that would release my desire to create. The problem is that I have so little free time, or at least I don't have time that could/should not be used for more important things, I do have three small children and a beautiful wife after all!

anyway I guess what I'm driving at is that I intend to post more, hope to see you around.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

You have to check this out!

I spotted this guys video on VH1 the other day, and had the hardest time remembering what his name was. After doing a google search for "jewish reggae" I came up with his site.

I love his song "King Without a Crown" check out Matisyahu and if you can pronounce his name your doing better than me!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I have found the best music on the internet!

Here is the deal, I was in high school and college in the 80’s (yeah yeah old fart blah blah blah Whatever!) and as is true for most of us, that is the time of my life were I was most interested in music. Not that I am not now, but then it was one of my passions, I was always looking for new music. if you were like me and alive and actively listening to music back then it is pretty likely that you ran across a college radio station that was playing all kinds of cool music that you could not (and still can not) hear on commercial radio. And frankly unless you had a bunch of black eye liner wearing friends (guys and girls) then the only way to be exposed to some of the most inventive music of that day was that the college radio station and you would pray the guy who was on the late night time slot would never graduate. Because he would brining in his own albums and those of his friends, and yes many of them were albums back then because CDs were just starting to explode (once again, yes I am that old)

Today I discovered this internet radio station and I am so happy to try and send some traffic their way! So please visit and donate so that you can keep my glory days alive!


Okay, my life is so being absorbed by the Apple Corporation! I don’t even have an apple computer I just have an iPod which I acquired last year! Now I am becoming totally absorbed in every media format it can play. It started out just as natural anyone might expect. I loaded songs I had on my computer, then I went through every CD I owned every digital format of music file I could get (for free at least because I am to old and too married to be spending money on music). And after a little while I figured out that some of the radio shows I listened to were available in Mp3 format, and then I figured out what a Podcast was and that these same programs were available and I started listening to them everyday. Then I got wind of the fact that private individuals are producing the same kind of programs and some of those are totally funny, most of them are crude so I will not list any that I recommend yet. But just the fact that you can find a daily dose of comedy or what ever you might be looking for makes me giddy as a school girl in a pair shiny new shoes!

All I can say is thank goodness I don’t have a video iPod or I would get nothing done!

Don’t get me wrong I am not claiming to be on the cutting edge of anything, apparently some of these Podcast have been up for several years and now there are literally hundreds of thousands on the net (the vast majority are lousy content, and poor audio quality too) but there are some diamonds in the rough out there. I encourage you to give it a whirl. Don’t be lazy just Google it, I am not going to tell you what you should listen to! Okay maybe later when I find some funny ones that are not cussing every other word.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Face lift

I decided to make a change to my template format because I am looking for any trick I can to get myself motivated to start posting again.

I have been keeping busy working and listening to a lot of different Podcasts in my free time. So I have not had a lot of inspiration to write. But I am beginning to feel the rumblings of the old creative juices, maybe it’s the spring thaw but I know I want get back to regular posting. So check back, I may even post something today. You will never know unless you check back.

Monday, February 13, 2006

I should get me one of them blogs

I have been thinking that I should start a blog of my own, yeah that could be fun.

I would like to apologize to both of my regular readers I can't believe it took me this long to get back to my blog.

I have lots of excuses though: new job responsibilities, multiple jobs, lack of anything worth reading in my head, most importantly New Baby (pictures to follow) but things are starting to get into a regular regiment again. So providing I can think of something worth recording from time to time I will be updating the blog again.

So please come back again, there might even be something on here worth reading

Friday, August 19, 2005

The time has come

I mentioned before that I sold my motorcycle, my Pre-marriage I am a dangerous man look out ladies transportation. And that was a somewhat painful experience. Not really as it was more of a useless eyesore in my ever more crowded garage.

But now I have begun an even more painful venture. I have places a For Sale sign in my little 1990 Ford Bronco II. This little truck has been my primary transportation for the majority of the last seven years (outside of the year where it sat fallow because I had cracked the heads on it). She is still a very good looking truck too, having spent all but the last three years of her life in the high dessert of central New Mexico. Where cars rarely fall victim to rust and more likely meet their demise in an alcohol related traffic accident. (New Mexico has the highest reported instances of alcohol related fatalities in the US). Now I will be honest she needs some paint, all that dessert wind and sand has worn the lovely pale blue paint off the center of the hood and roof. But she is super clean inside and everything still works, except the cruse control which mysteriously stopped functioning a few months after we purchased it, and the factory stereo which is demon possessed and if you attempt to adjust the volume in any way it goes from one extreme to the other without warning quite annoying at the very least. Over the years we have owned it I have replaced almost every major system starting with the steering pump, alternator, fuel pump, clutch (master and slave cylinders) breaks, and finally the motor three years ago. She almost new, but alas either the Bronco or the Jeep have to go so the older is put up on the sale block.

All this has come about because we needed to purchase a mini van to accommodate the arrival of our third child in December. The upside is that my wife is now driving a much newer automobile (only 3 years old) and I am upgrading to the 10 year old vehicle from the Bronco which is 15 years old. I am enjoying the Jeep already but it is still a little sad to see something that you have had for so long leave. At least this relationship will end better than that of my other vehicles (all of which I KILLED).

Thursday, August 18, 2005

At it again?

I tell you what, for a while there I was concerned that I was becoming addicted to blogging, I was reading every blog linked to another blog, I was making mental notes of how my everyday experience could "make a good posting". I was thinking about it way too much frankly.
Then life started getting in the way, the whole "my job is interfering with my blogging" thing when I was transitioning into a new job role at job number one. Then when things started to settle down I started thinking to my self that I really need to post something again. I even got grief from friends about it. Then for a little while I was feeling guilty. I was letting my loyal readership down (all three). I was just surprised to find that once I had to stop blogging on a regular basis it was super hard to get back into the grove.
Well this is my first attempt to get the wheels moving again. So you can start coming back there will be more content in the coming days. No promises of quality but at least the quantity will be better.