Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Face lift

I decided to make a change to my template format because I am looking for any trick I can to get myself motivated to start posting again.

I have been keeping busy working and listening to a lot of different Podcasts in my free time. So I have not had a lot of inspiration to write. But I am beginning to feel the rumblings of the old creative juices, maybe it’s the spring thaw but I know I want get back to regular posting. So check back, I may even post something today. You will never know unless you check back.


Freddy said...

Hope them creative juices keep on flowing and turn into a torrent. Mine seem to have dried up. Haven't posted for a month. Nice to see your'e still alive.

DEPjrTX said...

Thanks Freddy, I still check your blog to see what you’re up to. I understand the struggle to get it going again. Take a word of advice from a famous footwear maker and "Just Do It"